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Saddle Breaking in Lake County, IL

Horseback riding is a pleasure beyond compare when you can do it on a well-trained horse. A horse that is calm and easy to handle is the result of hard work and dedication from a trainer who cares about the horse and rider. A good trainer wants the relationship between the two to be more like a partnership than a human master and animal.

We offer that level of training with our services for saddle breaking in Lake County, IL. Our master trainer, Shari Brickman, uses patience, compassion, and genuine affection to get the best from the horse while also working closely with the rider.

A horse that is saddle-broken in a progressive and gentle way will be comfortable under a rider and easy to tack up. The techniques used at our horse farms are proven, and the results are readily apparent in the variety of confident riders and their mounts that enjoy our grounds and trails.

We travel to horse shows throughout the region and offer daily care, horse transportation, professional riders, and schooling at these shows. We also are happy to offer horses for sale.

Contact us at Long Grove Farms to learn more about the many services we offer for training, boarding, and riding horses.

Individualized Lessons

Each horse and rider is unique and responds to training differently. Our equestrian trainers take the time to get to know you and your mount to adjust their training style. By adapting our lessons to fit your needs, we can get the best possible results.

Training Horses When They’re Ready

We understand that when you have a horse that is not yet comfortable with a saddle, you look forward to riding them as soon as possible. Our training services will help you reach the stage where your mount stays relaxed with a rider on their back and responds well to commands.

However, we don’t start training immediately. Before we can begin saddle-breaking a horse, we need to make sure they are ready for the process. We treat horses with compassion and are careful not to cause them stress or injury because of hasty training.

One of the things we consider is age. If you break a horse that’s too young, you might damage its still-developing knees. On the other hand, if you wait too long, your horse can become difficult to train. Work with our equestrian trainers to determine the right time to start.

Take Horse Riding Lessons

After we’ve successfully saddle-broken your horse, enroll in our horseback riding lessons so you and your mount can reach your full potential. We work with riders of all skill levels.